Oasis Ethereum

Scalable and privacy-first Ethereum
Smart contracts and Dapps

Fully compatible with Ethereum. Cheaper, faster, & supports confidential Ethereum smart contracts

The ParaTime MainNet is launched at 11:00 pm, Thursday, 4th March 2021, Central Time. Genesis happens since.

What is Oasis Ethereum ParaTime

High performance

The Oasis blockchain divides up its validators at random and forms "computation committees" to work in parallel to verify smart contract execution. This parallel approach, known as ParaTime, allows the Oasis blockchain to reach thousands of smart contract transactions per second (TPS). Due to its high throughout, the gas cost on Oasis Ethereum ParaTime is several orders of magnetudes lower than Ethereum.

Compatible with Ethereum

All current Ethereum smart contracts, DApps, developer tools and libraries work on Oasis Ethereum ParaTime without any code change. All you need to do is to configure your app/s RPC URL to an Oasis Ethereum RPC node, such as https://rpc.oasiseth.org:8545. Ethereum assets can also be bridged to Oasis Ethereum with ease through decentralized Atomic Swap or trusted gateways.

Confidential Ethereum smart contracts

The Oasis protocol is developed by world leading experts in privacy computing, the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime aims to support confidential transactions and state data in Ethereum smart contracts. Read more about our approach.

Next-gen Ethereum

The Ethereum flavored WebAssembly (Ewasm) is the next-gen runtime for Ethereum 2.0 smart contracts. The Oasis Ethereum ParaTime is among the world's blockchain to fully support Ewasm runtime & tooling through partnership with Second State.

Oasis Ecosystem

The Oasis protocol is supported by leading VCs in Silicon Valley. It is led by world renowned computer scientists at University of California, Berkeley. It has vibrant community supported by over 70 institutional staking validator firms.

The Oasis ETH (OETH) token

The OETH token is the native "gas" token of the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime. Users must pay OETH to process their transactions. The gas OETHs are burnt by the network.

There is a fixed total supply of 21 million OETHs. It is deflationary as the network burns gas. There is no token sale, nor investors, nor pre-mine. All tokens are awarded over time to node operators, developers, and the community.

The ParaTime is launched at 11:00 pm, Thursday, 4th March 2021, Central Time. Genesis happens since.

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Uniswap on Oasis

The Oasis Ethereum ParaTime is full compatible with Uniswap and related smart contracts (e.g., ERC-20 tokens traded on Uniswap). Through a collaboration between Uniswap and Second State, we are bringing the full Uniswap DEX to the Oasis blockchain through the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime.

1. Brave or MetaMask

Install Brave or MetaMask. In Settings - Networks, add the Oasis Ethereum RPC URL: https://rpc.oasiseth.org:8545 Chain ID: 69

2. Get OETH

Go to the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime OETH faucet, and get one native OETH token for the ParaTime.

3. Trade!

Go to Uniswap DEX on the Oasis MainNet Beta to trade your OETH for other ERC-20 tokens! Happy trading!


First, open the BUIDL for Oasis Ethereum IDE in your web browser.
Second, click on "Accounts" and find out the default address generated for you. Go to the OETH faucet to get some OETHs to pay gas.
Now you can write and deploy your smart contracts and DApps all from within the web IDE.

Ethereum compatibility